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This website stores information such as IP address which is used to monitor website statistics and monitor any fraud activity. We also store browser and operating system information to monitor any defects the website might have with the web browser. We do not sell or give any of our information to businesses or associations that are not affiliated with the our network. The information collected does not correlate with any user specifically. We do not use any programs that install on to your system and cause system failure. Programs required to view our website are commonly used programs available in the industry today. We are not responsible for system failures. We highly recommend guests to purchase and have installed an Anti-Virus software to protect your system.

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Our contact form is used to send messages to the website owner. The information collected from our contact form is only used to send an email message. Your information is not stored on our system. However, your email address may be stored by the web site owners email client so they can reply to your message.

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